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Discover Dallas and Fort Worth with stories and people you'll remember. Our tour guides ROCK! They are the soul of our family, enthusiastic and energetic, each bringing a unique perspective that makes our tours personalized, memorable, and fun. BEST DFW TOURS’ goal is to contribute to making your DALLAS - FORT WORTH visit an exceptional and memorable experience.

Freetour community

Freetour community makes it a priority to feature Ottawa’s most famous landmarks while at the same time sharing the city’s sordid and colorful past that is often overlooked. From debaucherous tales of drunk Prime Ministers and lumberjack gang violence to inspiring (and at times shameful) stories of the LGBTQ movement and black Canadians, we’re here to shine a light o ... More

A Tour of Possibilities

A Tour of Possibilities is an African American history tour of Memphis. We will be your “conductor” and drive you to multiple historical areas, including a site that documents the history of the Underground Railroad, the location of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous last speech, a museum that traces the history of the Civil Rights Movement, and one of a few museums ... More