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Our luxury tour packages to Egypt will be a mirror that reflects to you the History, Tales and Myth of ancient Egypt. in a way that helps you to gain information as much as anyone can study for yours, our private tours are designed simply for our travellers, those who love history and glory of the ancient Kings and queens of ancient Egypt. we will take you in a private tou ... More

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At King Tours Hawaii, we have taken the knowledge and experience from our 20-plus years in the tourism industry to curate and offer the best tours, activities, and experiences available. We are fully licensed by the State Of Hawaii and hope to add to the memories that help make your Hawaiian experience the trip of a lifetime. Whether you are a solo traveler or part of a gr ... More

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In August 1989, Recreation Adventure was first incorporated and specialized in group travel, emphasizing ski and senior adult travel. Keith Butler began employment in October 1998 as Director of Senior Adult Travel, building a clientele that included a mailing list of nearly 1,000, planning trips for groups that included Branson, New England, and San Antonio, as well as ma ... More