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Haunted Haight Walking Tour

Overpriced tours claim to be the ONLY REAL ghost hunting tour of San Francisco, but that is not true. We just taught them how to Ghost Hunt on our tour in 2019. We operate the San Francisco Ghost Society. We are authentic paranormal investigators and the only San Francisco Ghost Hunting Tour that truly has that equipment you see on TV shows. No other Ghost Hunting Tour in ... More

LTC Downtown Information Office

LTC Downtown Information Office has installed air purification units onboard its conventional fleet – providing yet another level of safety for our customers! This onboard air cleaning technology kills 99% of airborne viruses. Note that the system’s effectiveness is most optimal if the windows in the passenger compartment of the bus remain closed; as such, we ask passe ... More

Charleston Sole Walking Tours

Explore the Holy City’s history, lore and legends from the ground up with Historic Charleston’s most unique walking tour, Charleston Sole. Please get to know the city from the unique perspective of Charleston native Brian Simms, who will guide you on a memorable two-hour walking tour, introducing some of our most celebrated landmarks and hidden gems that make Charlesto ... More